Did you know that half of all medical graduates in Australia are women, but only 34% of specialists are women (and 9.2% of surgeons)?
What about the fact that female GPs are paid on average 25% less than their male counterparts, and 54% if they have dependent children?
Or that male doctors aren’t guaranteed any time off for parental leave?

Since 2001, the majority of medical graduates in Australia have been female. However, women medical students and doctors still face significant gender-based barriers in establishing themselves in successful medical careers. These barriers might take the form of gender-based harassment, lack of career development or progression opportunities, or refusal to be given flexible work arrangements to balance care commitments.

But…it’s not all bad! So much progress has been made in the last few years, and Level aims to be part of that. As an advocacy group, we want to educate students and doctors about gender discrimination in medicine, and to empower them to be their own change. That way, we can each play a role in building a fairer medical culture for everybody.

Have a quick poke around our website and you’ll see that there’s a place for everybody with us, whether you want to learn, to research, to empower others, or attend inspiring events.